Exiscan IR Inspection Windows

When considering the installation of an IR inspection window, please consider Exiscan as it offers "best in class" durability, field of view, LWIR accuracy and ROI. Please contact us to discover how you can provide electrical safety with these over-engineered inspection windows while conducting IR inspection and significantly reducing time requirements.

Exiscan IR Ports

IR inspection panel

Durable Labels and Signs/Graphics

Exiscan utilizes a unique photo etching technology "Metal Photo" which embeds the label, diagram or photo under an anodized metallic surface that outlives laser engraving and is guaranteed for 20 years.

Whether simply making equipment, safety labels, or large format "work procedures" with diagrams and pictures we can help.

Signage and Labels

Contact us for more information about Exiscan’s “Unapologetically Over-Engineered” IR Inspection Windows or Durable Signs & Labels.