Seamless Commutator & Slip Ring Profiling

Measure and determine your motor’s condition through commutator and slip ring profiling. IR Technologies we carry state-of-the-art instruments that allow you to perform measurement by simply mounting the sensor in the brush holder, without motor removal or disassembly. These are portable devices produced by Profiler Tech. For 20 years, the company has been manufacturing precision surface measurement of commutators and slip rings, as well as a full complement of instruments, vibration sensors, and software.

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Frontier IRT

Wireless Accelerometer for All Brands of Portable Vibration Analyzers


MMS7000 Profiler Kit

Kit Includes

  1. MMS7000
  2. Sensor & Clamp
  3. Carry Case
  4. Power Adapter
  5. USB Cable
  6. Sensor Sleeve
  7. Sensor Spacer Set
  8. EVOsoft Analysis software
  9. Quick Reference Guide

MMS7000 Profiler

Contact us to learn more about measuring commutors and slip rings. Also about our wireless vibration sensor “Frontier”.