Durable Industrial Vibration Analysis Hardware
and 4-20 mA Monitoring

CTC: Vibration Analysis Hardware

As a trusted manufacturer of industrial accelerometers and vibration sensors, CTC delivers exceptional durability and accurate readings. They also have an unconditional guarantee, which sets these products apart, ensuring that every effort is made to provide the most dependable hardware in the market. Top-quality cables and connectors assure precise data when you use their equipment for industrial vibration analysis. IR Technologies is proud to offer a range of products from CTC.

Remote sensors provide more efficient route collection and safer access. The “PRO” Series we offer from CTC are not only affordable, but they also provide intelligent continuous vibration monitoring that is compatible with all standard PLCs and Energy Management Systems. From proximity probes to simple loop vibration sensors that require no vibration analysis background, this equipment allows you to enjoy the advantages of vibration condition monitoring.

Improve route data consistency, collection efficiency, and personnel safety with remote accelerometer installations

IR Tech system chart

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CTC remote panel

CTC wiring example

LP252 - LP254

PMX1000 Series

1-2 Channel Process Control
Enclosure with Display and Relay or Display Only

LP252 - LP254

LP252 - LP254 Series

Low-cost Loop Power Sensor, Velocity, 4-20 mA Output



Teflon Jacketed cable with 2 Socket MIL-style Connector

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