Effective Vibration Analysis and
Online Monitoring and Protection

Bently Nevada / Commtest

For years, Bently Nevada / Commtest has been a leader in developing and providing exceptional condition monitoring systems and vibration analysis equipment. IR Technologies offers their equipment to help our clients get an edge over their competitors.

Whether you need portable route-based inspections, online automated route-based inspections, or continuous equipment surveillance and protection systems, we offer a highly capable yet intuitive system for you. They include a new generation of software designed to enable novices and satisfy experts making vibration analysis attractive to large and small companies alike.

IR Technologies also manages your portable and online systems in one simple platform. We provide management of Bently Nevada and Commtest products in our entirely new System 1 Evolution Software with a 24-hour help desk.

commtest ranger pro

Vibration Analyzer & Balancing Products

vbx series vibration analyzer

IR Tech vibration analysis

system 1 Version 18.1

Contact us if you’d like more information about the Bently Nevada and Commtest products we carry.